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Growing apples takes all year. If you look closely, you can even see the promise of next years’ apple at the tip of each branch. It is a wrinkly little bud that will become the apple which you might eat a year from now, so be careful when you are picking! If you pull off those buds you are removing next years’ fruit.

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We grow the following varieties of apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, raspberries and sweet and sour cherries.

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Ambrosia apples are a newer variety to the market, but they’re gaining popularity around the world. In the 1990s a chance seedling was discovered in the orchard of Wilfrid and Sally Mennell at Cawston, British Columbia Canada, and quickly became a national favorite.

This attractive, medium-sized apple has high gloss skin and colored 70% to 90% bright red blush with broad faint stripes on a cream to yellow background.

A perfectly ripe Ambrosia apple has floral notes like wildflower honey. These apples are exceptionally low in acid. They won’t taste tart or tangy, just mellow, and sweet.

An Ashmead's Kernel Apple ready to be picked at McDougal Orchards

Ashmead’s Kernel

As a small, misshapen green apple discovered in 1700’s England, Ashmead’s Kernels are not especially attractive. Yet appearances can be deceiving, this variety has remained popular for well over 2 centuries. It has a distinctive flavor which is quite different from most other varieties. Ashmead’s Kernel is a versatile apple, not just for eating fresh, but also for salads and cooking, and it is a highly-valued apple for juicing and hard cider.

An Evercrisp Apple ready to be picked at McDougal Orchards

Aztec Fuji

Aztec Fuji® originated in New Zealand and has gained considerable popularity in the US. Aztec® is a full-colored, blush-type that harvests late season with standard Fuji. The tree is healthy and vigorous, and the fruit exhibits the traditional, sweet flavor of Fuji.
-information from Adams County Nursery

A Baldwin Apple ready to be picked at McDougal Orchards


This apple was found around 1740 on John Ball’s farm in Wilmington Massachusetts. Originally known as “Pecker” or “Woodpecker” because the tree was frequented by the bird, it was renamed in the early 1800’s as it became more popular. Colonel Loammi Baldwin was an engineer on the Middlesex Canal and his statue at North Wouburn is wreathed in apples and inscribed ‘Disseminator of the apple in honor of him called the Baldwin apple, which proceeds from a tree growing wild about 2 miles north of this monument’. Scions from the original Baldwin tree were brought into Maine by Captain Thomas Coolidge, a son-in-law of Mr. Baldwin in 1872. Baldwin was the leading apple in Maine for many years until a harsh winter in the 1930’s killed the majority of the trees in the state. McIntosh, for its cold-hardiness, became the new favorite. Baldwins store extremely well.

A Black Oxford Apple ready to be picked at McDougal Orchards

Black Oxford

This apple originated in Paris, Maine (Oxford County) around 1790. Black Oxford is not strongly flavored but has a good dense texture and a striking, deep purple color. Keep in mind, as is true for many older varieties, our Black Oxford trees tend to bear biennially, or every other year.

A Blondee Apple ready to be picked at McDougal Orchards


Blondee is a new, long-storing yellow apple variety that ripens five days before Gala. Blondee was discovered by orchardists Tom and Bob McLaughlin of Portsmouth, Ohio. Firm flesh with some resistance to browning.

A Blue Pearmain Apple ready to be picked at McDougal Orchards

Blue Pearmain

Thought to be discovered in Middlesex County, Massachussetts in the 1700s, Blue Pearmain is one of New England’s most famous classic varieties. Beautiful medium to very large fruit is covered with a distinct blue bloom. Our number one favorite for baked apples, it also makes excellent pies and tarts. Blue Pearmains cook up to a yellow applesauce in a couple of minutes. This variety has been grown throughout much of Maine for well over 200 years.

A Brock Apple ready to be picked at McDougal Orchards


Developed in 1933, Brock is a Golden Delicious- McIntosh cross bred at Highmoor farm, the experimental station for University of Maine cooperative extension. First designated as ME. 7-492, the selection was named Brock after Henry Brock, an apple grower from Alfred, Maine, who tested the variety in cooperation with the University of Maine. The Brock variety was released for public trial in 1966.

A Chestnut Crab Apple ready to be picked at McDougal Orchards

Chestnut Crabapple

– early September

Did you know that not all crabapples are sour? Developed at the University of Minnesota in 1946, the Chesnut crab produces 2″ pale yellow crabapples with streaky red blushes and some russeting. Creamy white flesh is fine-grained and crisp, with a sweet, nut-like flavor that is great for fresh eating, cooking or making jams. This tree serves as an excellent pollinator for other apple varieties in our orchard.

A Cortland Apple ready to be picked at McDougal Orchards


USA raised in 1898 in New York as a Ben Davis and McIntosh cross, the Cortland apple was introduced in 1915. It keeps its shape well when cooked, and the white flesh doesn’t brown when sliced making it a standout for fruit salads, dipping, or eating with a plate of sharp cheddar cheese. Cortland is another popular variety in Maine. According to many of our customer, Cortlands are the “only” apple to make a pie with.

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