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Planting the Corn Maze and the 2015 failure

The corn maze failed this year. Before I explain why I thought I would tell you just how it is planted and how the maze is cut. The corn planter plants two rows of corn 33 inches apart and fertilizes it as the seed is planted. In both rows the seed is 4-6 inches from each other. 

I plant going in one direction trying to keep all rows at 33 inches apart. Once that is planted then I plant perpendicular to the rows that were just planted. I end up with a checkerboard of 33 inch squares.

When the corn gets knee high it is time to cut the maze. Every 10 rows I place a fiberglass pole on both sides on the longest side. On the short side I place poles every 4 or 5 rows depending on the total width. Poles are placed in the middle of the field also. The poles are used as a reference point when the cutting begins.

I print out a spreadsheet that resembles the corn field and then I use a marker to plan the maze. In past years, the high school math classes have helped with the design. Then with the spreadsheet in hand and a weed whacker (with a 3 blade cutter) I chop my way through the corn field using the fiberglass poles for guidance.

Now how did the 2015 maze fail?

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